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Exam Room Nutrition Podcast




The podcast that simplifies nutrition for busy medical professionals.

From infant feeding and picky eaters, to diabetes management and weight loss, no matter what field you work in, you will learn useful strategies that will empower you and your patients!

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Together with her guests, Colleen Sloan, a Pediatric Physician Assistant and Registered Dietitian, offer practical strategies that bridge the gap between nutrition and medicine.

This to-the-point podcast empowers Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and other healthcare providers with the nutrition education you need to transform lives.

Explore ways to provide nutrition counseling, despite a hectic schedule with limited time, and learn to answer your patient's nutrition questions with confidence and compassion.

Feel confident answering your patient's nutrition questions. 

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Excellent Podcast and Host

Colleen does such an amazing job focusing on questions that all clinicians, PA’s, MD’s, RN’s, and all other health professionals NEED to know the answers to! If patient care your “bread and butter” then this is the podcast for you.

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Digestable Nutrition Tips for Providers

Colleen and her amazing guests breakdown the challenges we are facing in the exam room by giving us nutrition knowledge and tips we can easily pass along to our patients. Exceptional nutrition advice for the healthcare providers. Helping to fill the gaps in nutrition education space that traditional medical education misses!

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Such great info!!!

Colleen is an exceptional host who is organized, thoughtful, proactive, and purposeful with each episode she creates. I love her passion behind this podcast and the work she does, as well as the sense of community she is creating among allied health professionals. As a pediatric dietitian, I love listening but also have learned so much from this show. Keep up the great work Colleen!

Meet your host

Colleen Sloan is a passionate Pediatric Physician Assistant (PA) and Registered Dietitian (RD) dedicated to promoting healthy habits among children and families. Recognizing the need for a more empathetic approach in discussing nutrition and weight with patients, she founded the podcast "Exam Room Nutrition."

Through her podcast, Colleen aims to empower healthcare professionals with the language, tools, and strategies to engage patients in conversations about nutrition with compassion and confidence. Her ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes and foster a healthier society. When she's not working, Colleen enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, Leila, and their two dogs.

She finds solace in a good cup of coffee, immersing herself in books, and staying active through exercise.

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